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Fall Fashion

As a child my favorite movie was Coming to America. My favorite genre of music was rock. Never did I think that I’d see the two collide into one style until I walked into my first lecture at Grambling State University. 

To my right I saw a mirage of animal print rompers and doll dresses with large belts and to my left a group of guys with skintight skinny jeans and hoodies.

Now as a senior walking through the halls I never know what to expect. So with the start of another new year, it seems like a good time to talk about some of the fashion trends that we all will and won’t be seeing this fall.  

Some students choose clothing that make them stand out from the crowd; other students prefer to wear the latest fashions seen on popular shows and music videos. Students love subtle flashy outfits, sporty looks and shabby chic ensembles. 

Males and females love to rock distressed denim. You’ll see young women in vibrant flowing blouses and textured shorts. Guys are opting for graphic tees and tapered sweats.  These pieces were rocked by some of the biggest names in the music industry. Artists like Drake, Future, Beyoncé and Rihanna have been spotted sporting these looks. 

While many students like trendy looks, some opt for a more professional look, and some do both at the same time.

Braxton Matthees

Braxton Matthews

Those who enjoy business professional looks go for a different approach to fashion. Young men are wearing polo shirts and khaki pants or tailored two-piece suits with matching bow ties. Young women are wearing more modest clothing, such as well-fitted dresses, and a nice blouse and jeans. Another popular option is the vibrant pants suits. 

“Upperclassmen put effort towards their look,” explained Lea Bryant senior mass communication major. “Business casual is somewhat of a standard for upperclassmen. I believe it shows maturity.” 

Some trends have stayed consistent, and others were left in the past. Big baggy jeans, oversized white tees, sheer maxi skirts and wedge sneakers are just a few trends that made the do not resuscitate list 

“Shoes like Jordans are considered average; Air Force Ones are below average,” stated Lumis Martin Senior Engineering Technology major. “For young women the really revealing clothes are played out.”  

“I’d like to see more young black women dressed professionally, especially considering this is an HBCU,” Martin said.

Current fashion has brought in some new additions, like the extra-long tees and vintage frames. Styles like the Kanye West shutter shades and flannel are out, but looking professional will always be in.  

Trends are optional, but dressing for your body shape is imperative. No matter what, remember to be you, and let your personality shine through in whatever you’re wearing.