How do you cut hair sitting down?

What have you ever done succesfull sitting down ? I’ll wait. 

Are you still thinking? 

Why does the lady in the Cafeteria take her job so seriously?

Why can’t you just swipe my card and let  me eat ?

Why did the Wossman fans leave at halftime at the Jamboree?

Who has the better barber shop Heavanly Hands or the G-Spot?

Who shot up Jean’s Cafe? 

Is SGA or FSUB going to get a plot next?

How tall is Dr. Larkin?

Did you know he can bust a move ?

Why is Drew Hall still around?

Where is the pool money at?

When are these freshamn so bold? 

Who doesn’t like Draya anymore after watching Basketball Wives?

Why does Grambling need 54K?

Did Grambling really lose its Nursing Program?

How many people are going to the SU vs. La Tech game to watch Southern lose?

Why is the Cafeteria always sectioned off?

Do you know who James “Shack” Harris is?

Home Zone, are you going bankrupt?


Disclaimer: 20 Questions is intended for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.  Those who can’t take a joke need not read!!!