FSUB holds general assembly meeting on campus

On Tuesday, the Favrot Student Union Board held a general assembly in the Black and Gold Room. The assembly was called to order by the president, Khadijah Freeman, who thanked everyone for signing up and for their participation in Welcome Week. 

After an introduction from vice president Alinza Rogers, and discussing the success of Welcome Week and the Membership Drive, new business was bought to everyone’s attention. 

The upcoming events for September include the Calendar signing on Sept. 8 in front of the bookstore, a pep rally in the Men’s Gym on Sept. 11, Miss GSU’s Coronation which will occur on Sept. 17 in the T.H. Harris Auditorium, and an organizational fair that will be on the yard on Sept. 22. 

Immediately following the event highlights, the leaders of each committee gave committee reports for their category. More fun events to be on the lookout for include culture night, speed dating, and a water play date on the quad. 

Following the reports, Miss Covergirl, Joi’Lavia Porter talked about her upcoming event “From I Don’t Know to CEO” which will be on Sept. 21. After a moment of silence was taken with FSUB’s international representative for Dominica, the SGA representative reminded everyone about Elections Week which is Sept. 8-11. 

Also, the associate director of FSUB thanked the board for working so hard over the summer to make all of the events possible. Students in the assembly were encouraged to give suggestions and ideas, to continue participating, and to stay positive. The president also encouraged everyone to follow @whatsupwithfsub on Instagram for more information and updates on the events. Before closing the meeting, the board expressed their excitement for what’s to come this fall and hopes everyone will enjoy. When asked if excited about the upcoming year with FSUB, senior, Chris Bethley, said “Yes, I feel as though the FSUB president has a lot of great things for us this year!