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Welcome To GSU, Dr. Willie D. Larkin

Greetings Grambling Family!


I am extremely honored to have been selected as the 9th President of Grambling State University!  As you ALL know, Grambling is an exceptional, innovative, creative, and outstanding university.  I know our university will only get better and better!

I call upon each of you to work with me as a team and embrace and confront the challenges and expand and create new and innovative opportunities to return our beloved institution to the highest level of greatness.  As my wife and I drove onto campus, a breath of fresh air welcomed us as we surveyed our new citadel of greatness–Grambling!

As I reflected on the selection and recruitment process, I knew, in every ounce of my being, that Grambling needed me as much as I needed Grambling.  I have come home; but my stay will be marked by how much we ALL can do together to restore Grambling to that once great roar!

Grambling State is hallowed grounds and many iconic legends have walked across our campus and many more will in the future.  You and I have a great opportunity before us to build on past successes. Although it will not always be easy, I am asking all Gramblinites to embrace a new tomorrow; a new day has come to our beloved institution–THE Grambling State University Tigers!

To achieve our ends, our duty, our goal is simple: to embrace and grow the university and establish a robust resource acquisition strategy.  We will ask Grambling men and women, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni to give as they have never given before!

And rest assured that every penny will be accounted for and every resource will be for the healing of dear ole’ Grambling.  My administration will be transparent and transformative as we re-brand Grambling as a phoenix Tiger rising again in the higher education arena. We will expand the university’s reach and continue to attract a broader array of talented, motivated and achievement-oriented students.

In addition to elevating the academic standards on campus, we will rebuild our athletic prowess and claw our way to greatness as we place competitive gamesmanship and fear into the hearts and minds of our opponents as they serve as our honored competitors.  We will be both scholars and fierce competitors to all those we encounter.

The ultimate goal is to become one of the top universities in the country.  Remember, we are “ONE GRAMBLING: Honoring History, Keeping Promises, and Fulfilling Dreams.” 

Come join me as we begin the process of rebuilding a dynasty of excellence–in all that we do!  In order for us to accomplish our shared vision, we must all push and pull in the same direction.  We are family and we must work together.

Stay tuned, as you will hear more from me in the days, weeks, and months to come.

Again, thank you for welcoming me to the Grambling State University Family and allowing me to become a “G.”

Dr. Willie Larkin, Grambling State University  president, shares his plans for the university with Grambling graduates.

With Great Enthusiasm,

Willie D. Larkin, Ph.D.


Grambling State University