Dad has always been my rock

Father’s Day is approaching quicker than I thought.  What can I get my father to show him that I appreciate him and all that he does? As I think of something, I also wonder why we in America wait until Father’s Day to show our appreciation? 

In my generation, there are some fathers who don’t stick around to watch their children grow up and strive to be great in the world. We also have other fathers who give all their time to take care of their children.  We live in a society that gets the title “father” and “baby daddy” confused.

Kayla Tipton

A father is someone who provides for you mentally, physically, financially and spiritually. A father is someone who supports you and loves you, no matter what. Whether it’s tough love or separation, that is what a father is. 

My father, Kevin Tipton, is the type of father who supports me, no matter what. I, myself, have always been a dreamer. My father always supported any crazy decisions I have made in my short life.

From wanting to be an actress, to a hairstylist, to a playwright, my father has always supported each and every one of my choices. I believe the best gift I can give him is finishing what I started here at Grambling State University. 

My father has always taught me to follow my heart and my dreams but be wise in everything that I do. He taught me the difference between just being here in this world and living.

As a young adult I haven’t always made the best decisions that would make any parent proud of me. I have been beyond blessed to have the father that I do have because he has never turned his back on me. Through the trouble, the mischief, the lies, he has always had my best interest and he has always helped me move forward and not look back. “You’re young and you’re not supposed to have it all together. It’s going to be OK, I got you.” “I’ll give you and N’kel the world or die trying.”

My father is my rock; he’s the smartest, most stubborn man that I know. He’s the hardest worker that I’ve ever wanted to aspire to be. Not only is my father my biggest fan, I am his. My dad embodies the title “father” perfectly.  A father to me is someone who supports you and loves you no matter what. A father is someone who provides for you mentally, physically, financially and spiritually, and I could not have asked for a better father than who I have at home. 

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!


Kayla Tipton is a junior mass communication major from Compton, California.