Students talents shine during show

Do you love the 90’s; the music, the wardrobe, the dance moves? Well the members of the ETA ZETA Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity sure do.

According to Karlie Robinson, who has been a member for a year, the International Music Fraternity has to put on a show every semester. This semester, they decided to rewind time and take us back to a decade where the music was “Hype”, the clothes were “Dope”, and the dance moves were “Fresh”.

The Spring 2015 Musicale, Midnight Love took place on April 9th in the Recital Hall of the Conrad Hutchinson Performing Arts Center. The audience was immediately pushed back into the 90’s right from the beginning.

The Opening performance justified the theme of the show “Love in the 90’s” as the members took to the stage in 90’s attire and wowed the audience with “Come and talk to me” by Jodeci.  Members of the audience sprung from their seats clapping and singing along.

In total, members of ETA took turns covering 9 songs for the 90’s that had to do with love, heartbreak, and passion. This included Pretty Brown Eyes by Mint Condition, Every Little Step by Bobby Brown, I Like The Way by Hi-Five, Let’s get Married by Jagged Edge and a couple others.

The member of ETA made sure the audience had a great time. “I like the show, very entertaining,” said William Birdsong who attended the show. For every song that was performed, three members of the audience received an opportunity to go on stage and sing along side the performers. Also during a break, members of the audience showed everybody their 90’s dance moves in an impromptu dance battle.

“It was a great show, all our hard work and dedication paid off. I saw that the audience was happy so I’m happy,” said Robinson.  Students can look forward to seeing the ETA ZETA Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota International Fraternity in the fall, for their next Musicale.