Crawfish boil set for Friday

Tiger Village/Ambling Managment is once again truly excited to host the sixth annual Crawfish Boil in the quad Friday.

Tiger Village started the crawfish boil back in 2010 when Tanishua Williams, the property manager found a new home at Grambling State University.  For years the boil was held in the parking lot of Tiger Village.  Due to the overwhelming success of the event in 2013, FSUB asked Tiger Village to join them and start hosting the event in the quad.  

Once this was done the boil became one of the most sought out events during Grambling’s Annual TigerFest week. Every year Tiger Village hires Crawfish Town of Lafayette Louisiana to cook and prepare plates of crawfish for Grambling State University/Tiger Village residents. Once the event moved to the quad FSUB began to allow off campus students the pleasure of enjoying crawfish as well.

This two year partnership has been helpful for both, Favrot Student Union Board and Tiger Village/Ambling Management with making sure the area is clean throughout the event.

“Things can get messy but it’s all worth it. Students help us out by cleaning up behind themselves.” said the senior FSUB member Daivon Thomas.

On-campus tudents are given one ticket for a crawfish plate with corn and potato and a cold drink.

“Last year was a great experience. It was my first time eating crawfish” said Jazmyne Lewis a junior from Atlanta,

The crawfish boil not only satisfies cravings, but allows students to gain a new experience.

“What’s not to love about a great crawfish boil?"  said Tiger Village employee, Johnathan Stewart. “I grew up laying out newspaper over a long table with big garbage bins at the end of each table. We’ve been dumping the cooked mud-bugs into an ice chest for as long as I’ve known.”

Here’s some advice for the upcoming crawfish boil.

Do: wear clothes that you’re okay with getting dirty.
Don’t: wear white

Do: protect your crawfish
Don’t: show up at the last minute expecting a plate

Do: suck the head
Don’t: waste crawfish

Do: bring gum
Don’t: take your crawfish to your room

The boil will be held at the Quad Friday of Spring 1 p.m. Students will be required to present their ID. There will be trash cans and a hand washing station in efforts to “Keep GSU Clean”.