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Sunday alcohol sales approved

ambling City Council voted 4-1 to approve an ordinance that allows the sell of alcohol on Sundays.

Liquor stores in Grambling can legally open their doors between 6:30 a.m. and midnight. The new, updated ordinance also extended closing times for bars to 3 a.m. and raised the legal age at which a person can purchase alcohol from 18 to 21.

The ordinance revising the laws for liquor sales was produced to generate revenue from sales taxes for the city.

The City Council, consisting of, G. Denise Dupree, Anise Days, Cullen Jackson, Cathy Holmes and Roy Jackson, and the mayor jumpstarted the citywide vote due to an email from the “Citizens of Grambling”, a group within the community that came together to stop the ordinance. They presented the council with several reasons why they should vote no to the new regulations and suggested that the community should do the voting instead.

Mayor Ed Jones argued that revenue was needed for Grambling but that it “also protects the businesses during the prosperity of this city.” He stated that alcohol sales are half of the sales tax revenue; in turn a big part of Grambling’s future prosperity.

Councilwoman Yanise Days, who cast the one dissenting vote, agreed with the citizen’s proposal and ultimately felt the vote should have went with the people.

“Whatever takes place in regards to alcohol sales, it does still affect our community,” said Days.

It’s business as usual for Tasha Dillon, manager at Super Discount Liquor #3. She was accustomed to working on Sundays. The only thing that changed for her is a heavier flow of customers on Sunday as word spreads

As for revenue for Grambling, Dillon is hoping that this new ordinance brings in as much as possible. “That’s what they’re aiming for. People are going to drink anyway so might as well buy it here at home,” said Dillion.