Resume work first step to success

As the school year winds down its, time for underclassmen to step up their game, take initiative, and work towards life after undergrad.  It is imperative that during your freshman and sophomore years you meet with your advisor frequently enough to get a four-year plan so you are able to graduate as soon as possible.  Students should begin taking full advantage of opportunities offered on campus; whether that be joining a club, being an athlete, or becoming apart of an organization.

Students should know that your resumes are everything. Employers want to know that you did more in your undergraduate career than just go to class and turn-up.  Employers want to see what you did in your down time.  What makes you different from the other candidates? With that being said, make your resumes stand out and be the better candidate. 

According to statistics from the Office of Academic Enhancement the current graduation rate at Grambling for four-years is 6%, while the six-year rate is about 13%.  With loan interest rates steadily increasing, remaining in school longer is not cost effective. Therefore, students should be working to finish their undergraduate degrees in a timely fashion.

The New York Daily did a poll in the summer of 2013 which showed that more than 40% of college graduates were unemployed and 16% were in part-time positions. 

Kayla Wilson, Spring 2014 GSU graduate said, “I returned back to GSU in the fall to get my masters because not only would having my masters increase my earning potential, but it would also make me a more competitive candidate.” 

Students should be aware that thousands of students graduate from their major every semester.  How will you stack up against them?        

Junior Class President Corey Carroll's special message to underclassmen is “in your junior year, you are one step closer to the real world and need to start using your time wisely and applying the knowledge you have obtained so you can start transition into the real world successfully.” 

Students should be continually updating their resumes and using the resources offered on campus to make themselves more competitive in the work world.