GSU student to attend Research program in Iowa

Grambling State student Malik Wheeler has been accepted into University of Iowa’s Summer Research Opportunities program. This program is designed to provide undergraduate students with in-depth research experience. It is an eight week program in which room and board is paid for and students receive a stipend of $3,000 at the end of the program.

Wheeler, a junior history major from Atlanta, is excited about the upcoming experience this summer.

“I’m just so relieved about being accepted after putting in so much time with my application,” said Wheeler.

During the program, Wheeler and other students will receive first-hand exposure to graduate work and faculty life by being paired with a faculty mentor whose work is closely related to their academic interests and goals. Opportunities for students to choose from include Biological Sciences, Humanities, Engineering, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, or Social Sciences. This program encourages students to explore research opportunities at Iowa that can lead to doctoral degrees.

“Iowa is far and I don’t really know too much about it, but life is all about new experiences and taking advantages of every opportunity,” Wheeler stated. Wheeler has been a President’s List student since his freshman year and is also a part of GSU’s SWAC Championship track team. He says that the program is a great opportunity that other students should apply for.

The Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator for the program, Diana Sproles, is actually a graduate of Grambling State University.  According to Sproles, many minority students don’t participate in the program and don’t even know about it. Wheeler is the only student from Grambling State that will be participating in the program this summer. Because Sproles has hand in the selection process for the program, she encourages many students from Grambling State to apply in the years to come.

For more information about the program students can visit University of Iowa’s website and search for the SROPS Scholars Program.