Pizza party brings joy to students

Alma J. Brown Elementary was full of excitement Friday at the Adopt-A-School partners pizza party.

The students were awarded pizza by the Industrial Insulation Group, one of the school’s sponsors. The company manufactures high temperature installation used to cover pipes that transport liquids, gasses and steam. The plant has been located in Grambling for 42 years and owned by Johns Manville, headquartered in Denver.

"Students who made the honor roll and principal’s list in grades one through five were awarded a pizza party," said Rosiland Russell, principal of Alma J. Brown.

"We are very excited about what the Industrial Insulation Group has done with our school so far," said Russell.

She said that the school has received a great deal of help with the school such as repainting the playgrounds and building a new basketball court. This was a important because a lot of the students love to play basketball outside.

Financial analyst for the company, Dale Simpson, said, "It would be great for all of the kids to receive a college education one day, we want the best for these kids."

The pizza party was held in the cafeteria for the honor students and Simpson and John Brown, who is the plant manager, talked to the students about the new aspects of the building process and additions to the school as well as surprising them with pizza for making the honor roll.

They plan on making this event every six weeks.

Roughly 11 students were on the principal’s list for making straight As.

Students also asked questions and had a lot of interaction with Brown and Simpson.

The students also talked to them about what they wanted to do when they become adults.

The students waited patiently until the pizza arrived and faces started to light up.

Jace Morris, who is a fifth grader at the school, said, "I really liked the pizza and this was a good event."

"Sometimes it’s hard to keep my grades up but I know I can do it," said Morris