Twenty Question: 3-5-15

Sooo, who’s the liquor bandit who got arrested for selling liquor out of her apartment?

She had a bar in her house?

Will she bounce back with 2-for half-off drinks?

The men’s basketball team must shop with her before every game.

Why haven’t they won at least ONE conference game?

Is it that hard to put the ball in the hoop?

Do they know that’s how you score points?

Should they spend that tattoo money on training camps?

The coach must have been a soccer coach before.

Should the liquor bandit donate funds to the basketball team?

Who told on the liquor bandit?

Did the liquor bandit put 3 Docs out of business?

Did the cops at least taste her drinks before taking her out?

Who got beat up Wednesday near 800?

What’s up with these females out here always wanting to fight?

Ever thought about that as the reason you can’t get a man?

Why do the cops always show up AFTER everything goes down?

Will they ever make it on time?

Why can we rush to fights on campus but barely anybody attends on-campus seminars?

Will we ever do better as a student  body?



Who had the best week out of the AKAs, Deltas, Zetas, and the Natural Sistahs?

Are we still bossing up the trap?

Will the new Grambling restaraunt Lou Lou’s last?

Are they here to put The Hut out of business?

Will Grambling make worldstar’s fight compilation before the end of the semester?

Is Grambling going to fire the basketball coach or actually give him time to rebuild?