Loaded with dreams

When Was the last time you dreamed? When was the last time one of you was adamant in becoming the next

Rosa parks or Martin Luther king. Who defied all odds, adversity, to show the world that the color of your character, can’t be judged by the color of persons whose skin you see. When…. was the last time you cared less about reciting lyrics and more about The history of our African American woman and men?

Considering that they are foundation, does it not bother you that, most don’t even know how this school began. The History of heritage has been passed down through generations. When

Will the color of my skin ever be great enough to wear outside of funerals?

Will the knowledge launched from a black mans gun every be considered beautiful.

One look at mans worth Is considered Contemplation

We As a whole congregation of black souls.  Have been United through Obamas nation. But tell me how does using a bomb defuse a situation. We are all apart of gods creation. We can’t promote procreation, if genocides are the only thing that follows the emancipation proclamation but we are at a point now where we are destroying ourselves the cause of

Indignation. I mean it’s sad when a mother has find a coffin to put her son in and dig a whole 6 feet under

because the local gangs didn’t think he was a native,

as part of a regulation, now tell me how strong really is

OUR nation. It’s been a long time since they said the revolution will not be televised.

That the emancipation proclamation will not be revised to free us modern day negros

Our heroes have shifted from Malcom X’s and Martin Luther Kings. We let our dreams get deffered in someone else’s history. I have a dream, that one day we will back pack back to Africa and claim our rightful position as kings and queens..that our children’s wings could spread wildly like wildfire in our jungles and every white supremacist will humble themselves at our feet. Government composes Weak minded proposals, only too propose profit, now gangs aren’t the only ones whose pistols Popping,

locking the chamber when police pocket a round,

they are making statements aiming to shoot it. But that’s one point you don’t want too get. But through these hard times and fueled aggression. Dr. King once said darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can and that is a beautiful lesson. We use our minds as weapons. We can shoot back but let the education through our minds be used as a gun. There weapons talk for different reasons than yours do. They’re guns don’t talk like you. Your guns say pow, educating and aiming to encourage another individual. There guns say

shoot, Another negro down.

Not only mentally but physically now. As he stand there with an empty clip. I’m sorry. You would think they were writing a persuasive essay because. That’s the only situation I know where it would take that many bullets to make your point stick.

It makes mad as hell that they treat us like we aren’t worth

Shhh… Many fought so that you could be anything

How dare you gamble your crown for hip hop and weed

YOU ARE A KING Immature to believe that college is designed for parties, playgrounds, and swings. BOY YOU ARE NOT A BOY

When was the last time you dreamed? Someone once said they were glad the slaves didn’t quit just because they were slaves. Instead, they said “we will live because one day we will become”. Our mind is our greatest weapon.