Twenty Questions: 2-5-14

DISCLAIMER: 20 Questions is intended for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Those who can’t take a joke need not read!!!

1.  Why doesn’t anyone want to be our president?
2.  How many applicants do we have?
3.  Can we just elect Coach P?
4.  Have you already used all your Tiger Bucks?
5.  Who’s using their refund to splurge at Mardi Gras?
6.  Is anyone beefin’ with Financial Aid?
7.  Have you noticed more places take Tech Express than G-Flex?
8.  When is the Registrar’s Office not busy?
9.  Who do you think won the Yard Show?
10.Why is the State still trying to take money from us?
11.Why do baseball coaches wear uniforms in the league?
12.Is there a “skull & crossbones” in Grambling?
13.Has the 600/700 area turned into the official fight spot?
14.Why does the police never show up?
15.Why do we not have a pool but people are still getting raises in Long Jones Hall?
16.Is Krispy Chicken making y’all sick?
17.Can we replace Burger King now?
18.Who got’em for the $10 though?
19.Have you been to Cash Street yet?
20.Are you taking the pledge to Say no to the N-Word?