Student receives NADE award

A Grambling State University student has been awarded a National Association for Developmental Education scholarship. Rudolph Ellis, a graduate student majoring in developmental education with a focus on curriculum and instructional design was overwhelmed and humbled when he learned about the $1000 stipend along with the submission of a current session proposal at a NADE Conference that was included in the scholarship.

“Obtaining this scholarship not only provides me with gratification that I chose the right path in education, but I am humbled to receive a scholarship that honors one of the greatest professors of the university but a true pioneer in developmental education, and it feels great!” said Ellis.

The NADE scholarship is named in honor of the late Dr. William G. White Jr., remembered for a lifetime of hard work and dedication preparing students to advance in education. White was a professor at GSU and students like Ellis often looked to him as a role model and mentor. NADE recognizes professionals and students annually at their conference and there are several other awards also distributed. Ellis was also given a $1000 stipend to attend a conference upon completion of the program.

Ellis is currently a GSU Residential Life staff and is committed to serving the students and fostering their development, growth and assisting with making campus life home away from home. He is over five buildings; Garner, Wheatley, Hunter-Robinson, Knott, Steeples Glen and Bowen, where there are 700-800 student residents, monitoring and making sure things are running smoothly. For the students Ellis is the go to guy and he strives to be a role model for the male students he oversees.

Former Steeple Glen resident, Isaah Nelson a junior kinesiology major from Miami noticed Ellis’ hard work; “He handles business and is usually in his office working; Ellis is somebody that will have your back.”

Some GSU students were unaware that such scholarships were available, but now that they know that someone some of them see regularly has earned one, it inspires them.

The requirements for this particular scholarship are that students must be currently attending or planning to attend a college or university during the 2015-2016 academic years. Student must be in good academic standing with your current educational institution. For applicants under 18, they must have permission from a parent or legal guardian also must apply to the contest via email and provide name, address, and the name of the institution.