Scandal delivers an exciting return

At the end of Season 4 winter finale of Scandal-the unthinkable happened — Olivia Pope was abducted! With a nation waiting until Jan. 29 to see what was up Shonda Rhimes’ sleeve, the anticipation just got worse.

In the mid-season premiere, the episode is entirely focused on Olivia being abductive and her several attempts to escape. This is the first time viewers see Olivia being scared and helpless.

When Olivia wakes up, she finds herself in a prison cell with a guy named “Ean”. Midway in the episode, Ean is “killed” after Olivia’s first attempt to escape.

Toward the end of the episode, she has a freaky dream that may trick you into thinking that Jason rescued her and she is now freed. But, that dream has a key to her possible survival. While taking a routine 5 minute bathroom break, she experiences a déjà vu from her dream.

Then, her survival skills kick in and Olivia kills both guards and unlocks the red door that she has been eyeing throughout the whole episode. To her dismay, she has been fooled again. Ean is alive and he isn’t who he says he is. Olivia isn’t oversees, she is in what it looks to be a big warehouse with movie set materials to make you think that you’re in an Islamic country.

Yes, everyone, I immediately jumped up from my friend’s bed and quickly started pacing back and forth thinking to myself “Shonda, you have done it AGAIN!”

I also hoped that this wasn’t going to be the last season of Scandal (there have been rumors that the show would eventually end).

And the teaser for the next episode makes sense that this could happen and Olivia’s and Fitz’s secret may finally surface to the world after a video is released of her begging for her life and demanding Fitz, the president of the United States, rescue her, even if he has to start a war to do it.

Now if you ask me, that’s a SCANDAL in my Kevin Hart voice