Say No To the N-Word

During the month of February, Black History Month, members of the Epsilon Delta Chapter of Iota Phi Theta Inc. are taking a pledge, ‘Say No to the N-Word.’

“I think the pledge is a provocative way of showing we, as Black people, don’t have to use a term that was used to demoralize us for the month of February,” said Quincy Wheaton, a junior mass communication major from Houston.

‘Say No to the N-Word’ is a month long event, the tenth month in a row that Iota Phi Theta has held a respect yourself pledge. The goal is to uplift the way African Americans treat themselves as well as others.

The N-word is one of many mental blocks that have been placed on the African American community and dates back to the times when Blacks were enslaved.

The pledge requires one to use the word king or queen in place of using the N-word. Students can join the movement by signing pledge sheet. Different members of the Chapter will have pledge sheets around campus the duration of the month. They also will be holding a seminar on Feb. 8

“It’s sad that it has been accepted along with other ignorant demeanors into our society,” said Nobel Michael, whom is a member of Iota Phi Theta Inc. “We cannot expect anyone to treat us with respect if we don’t treat each other with respect.”

“We can create whatever meaning we think the N-word should have but the history behind it will never change,” said Rica Charleston, a mass communication major from Fort Worth, TX. “It shouldn’t be used period.”

Members of the Epsilon Delta Chapter of Iota Phi Theta Inc. are encouraging students to be conscious, aware and free from the mental abomination of the N-word, especially during Black History Month.