Twenty Question: Jan 29

DISCLAIMER: 20 Questions is intended for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Those who can’t take a joke need not read!!!

  1. What administration is driving one of the campus vans across northern Loui­siana and who’s paying for the gas?
  2. Do you know who Dr. Warrick’s hus­band is?
  3. Who’s more attractive, the volleyball team or the soccer team?
  4. Who got their student ID frozen?
  5. Who been double dipping in their tights ’cause they can’t wash?
  6. Why wasn’t the World Famed at the Honda BOTB?
  7. How come everybody has a mixtape but is scared to rap?
  8. So about those refunds…?
  9. Did you know the football team runs the HBCU Confessions page?
  10. Who’s taking the pledge against the N-word?
  11. Will Grambling’s campus ever see a new swimming pool?
  12. Who’s out here trying to sell their tiger bucks like food stamps?
  13. How many rules has the interim presi­dent violated?
  14. Who do you think will win– the New England Patriots or the Seattle Se­ahawks?
  15. When will Kendrick Lamar drop his album?
  16. What happened to all the Grambling dogs?
  17. Who bought a room to share with 10 people for Mardi Gras?
  18. Will Springfest be a success?
  19. Are Lil Wayne and Birdman really get­ting a divorce?
  20. Will the 6th grade be the next big thing out of North Louisiana?