Seminar enlightens students, faculty

Paul Mcaniff, a market specialist from Canon company, gave a hands-on seminar at Washington-Johnson Complex for students who were interested in learning about or purchasing various products from the company. The seminar was held on Jan. 22.

As the seminar began photographers and aspiring photography students gathered to receive information about Canon and their products.
Mcaniff brought many different products with him, including still cameras, video cameras and numerous lenses.

In December of 2014, Canon representatives contacted Dr. Sandra Lee, Mass Communication Department professor, about coming to GSU.  

Mcaniff gave detailed information on the most appropriate use for each product. He also suggested the most appropriate models of camera that best suited anyone interested in purchasing Canon products based on their level of experience and desired price range.

During the seminar students were allowed to look at and try the cameras and change out lenses to test their capabilities.  The students looked through lenses and even took pictures to see for themselves how the products performed.

“I learned so much about Canon and the quality of their products,” said Jazmin Milburn, a senior mass communication major. "I enjoyed the fact that Mr. Paul allowed us to test all the equipment!  The experience made me even more excited to begin my career as a professional photographer.”

The students and professors were filled with questions about the capabilities of Canon’s products. Mcaniff explained how each lens worked and what kind of photography and videography they were best used for.  He even gave price estimates for the camera bodies, lenses and other accessories so prospective buyer’s knew exactly what to expect when making a purchase.

“I just thought the event was a nice opportunity to see professional-grade equipment and be able to have hands-on experience with different cameras,” says Whitney Gaston-Loyd senior mass communication major.  “After we graduate we won’t have school equipment in our back pocket so it was nice to start seeing some cameras that I might want to purchase for myself.”

The seminar gave GSU students and teachers an opportunity to learn about Canon’s products and gave them reason for considering them when investing in their professional videographer and photography career paths.