GSU guard keeps faith

Grambling’s men’s basketball team has had a tough start this season. With the team competing in the Southwestern Athletic Conference this spring, they are still short of wins.

Basketball is about having a strong memory, taking chances, and becoming great at the game that you love to play. There is a team player who has always kept the faith in his team, and that is Remond Brown.

When it comes to Brown, he will take chances on the court and play to the best of his ability.

Brown is a native of Lake Providence, Louisiana and a high school graduate of Richwood High School in Monroe, Louisiana. He came to Grambling State University on a scholarship.

He is a Kinesiology major with the hopes of becoming a Physical Therapist after he graduates.

“I basically want to work with people who have been hurt in accidents and really need extensive care in order to heal properly,” Brown said. Brown seems to have his future planned out well, and has a good head on his shoulders.

Basketball may take all of Brown’s time, but he most definitely makes time for his school work.

“When I think of school I think of a degree. I say this because it’s something that I am going to need later on in life. Grambling really shows students the ups and downs of life in general,” Brown said.

He loves Grambling State and really enjoys playing for his school.

“When I’m in the game, I just play my best game and make sure I give the game my all. I hate to lose because losing is just something that no one should ever accept, and that’s why no one wants to be a loser,” Brown said.

Despite the past few upsets that the men’s basketball team has had, Brown keeps a steady straight forward mindset on and off the court.

He said when he thinks about a game the basketball team has lost, he thinks about his teammates, and sometimes feel as if he has let them down. “ I think of myself as a winner and an overall achiever.  As far as my teammates, I love those boys! You never know what you are going to get when it comes to them, and there is never a dull moment with my boys. They’re just them and that’s why we all vibe well,” Brown said.

Brown said his mother is his inspiration for what he does and is the reason why is the strong young man he is today.  Brown considers his mother to be his best friend and he can talk to her about almost anything.

“We have a very strong bond. I ride and work hard for my mother because of all she has been through,” Brown said.

Brown is always thinking of ways to become better at basketball.

“When I’m on the bench, I am always in deep thought and mainly thinking of the mistakes I made during the game, what can I do to help us win the game, and what my teammates and I can do to become a better team. Basketball has a positive influence on my life, and I just want to be the best that I can be,”  said Brown

Without basketball, Brown feels that he would not be where he is today, which has given him an opportunity to do something that he loves; and a chance to play on a higher level of basketball.