Greyhound returns to Grambling

The Greyhound bus lines are officially back rolling through Grambling as of Jan. 14.

“Students need to know that although the station on the corner is closed, there are designated times for arrival and departure on campus,” said David Ponton, the associ­ate vice president of Student Affairs.

Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays, Greyhound will ar­rive and depart at scheduled times in front of the Favrot Student Union. Tickets can be purchased either online from Greyhound, in person at the Ruston ticket agency or at Ace Checking, also located in Ruston.

“They serve the students now more rather than the com­munity,” said Johnny Gray, who previously ran the bus station.

Grambling Greyhound ex­isted for 31 years at the corner of College Avenue before its services were terminated in November.

Gray said Greyhound nev­er renewed their lease on the building Gray owns and oper­ates out of, nor alerted Gray that they would no longer be using his services.

“It was an immediate red flag, because I know how many of our students use the Greyhound station, especially in between semesters or going home for holidays,” said Pon­ton. “Not having that service would definitely be impactful traveling to and from campus.”

Before Ponton contacted Greyhound, he spoke with several student leaders who informed him on the impor­tance of the need for this transformation.

“It’s a cheaper way of transportation compared to airplanes, it is convenient for students and parents,” said Khadjia Freeman, the vice president of the Favrot Stu­dent Union Board.

When Ponton spoke with a Greyhound representative, he expressed how much that the university was in need of their services.

“Ruston station was a defi­nite disadvantage for our stu­dents because our students didn’t have the funds or the ability to go six miles down the road,” said Ponton.

Ponton and Greyhound reached an agreement, which would bring Greyhound back to Grambling with certain stip­ulations. Greyhound needed a safe, well-lit area to arrive and depart, unload and load which they will use the front of the Favrot Student Union Board building.