Chivalry or Thirst?

In today’s age of tech­nology and social media like Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, one might ask, “Is it possible to be chiv­alrous?” Better yet, some might even ask, “What is chivalry?”

You don’t have to always meet in person to hookup, because of the ablity to ‘direct message’. Although times have changed, chivalry does still exist, as well as thirstiness, unfortunately.

According to Vo­cabulary.com, chivalry is defined as men behav­ing courteously toward women. Courtesy is more than just holding a door here or there or giving up a seat. But it’s the manner you talk to women, as well as the way you treat them. Being a gentleman is always something you should strive your hardest to be if it doesn’t come naturally, and it definitely makes an impression.

Sometimes chivalry can be mistaken as thirstiness, which can make many men shy away from being chivalrous for some rea­son.

Being thirsty involves doing the most or going to extremes just to get a woman’s attention, which is very unneccessary.

There are plenty of good men out there with good intentions but some have different intentions.

What I think many men don’t know is that women appreciate men more whom aren’t afraid to show their sensitive side or feelings. It won’t hurt you any to hold open a door or two; it might even get you an unexpected phone number.

There are correct ways to approach women and actually show you’re really interested and leave a last­ing impression. Being po­lite, speaking respectfully and being yourself will get you far with someone your interested in.

Personally, I don’t prefer to approach women that I couldn’t see myself being truly serious with. Who wants their time wasted?

You don’t have to be chivalrous to get a wom­an’s attention but it would help in the long run… if you actually want to build a relationship with her.