Campus organizations host unity events

Two student organizations came together, Upsilon Phi Upsilon Fraternity, Inc. and Omega Tau Pi Sorority, Inc., to form unity and expand their services throughout campus by hosting a week-full of events.

Both organizations at­ended a church service at The Church of the Champions in Grambling on Sunday to start the week off. Monday, they held a meet-and-greet allow­ing the student body to learn more about the sibling organi­zations.

Tuesday afternoon, they held an event called Pie Phi Pi, where students paid $1 to pie a member of each organiza­tion. Wednesday was a unity seminar, where both organi­zations and different students came together as one.

Tonight is a fitness event called “On The Run” which is dance aerobics session with Terry Lily in the Intramural. The week will conclude with a service project of a campus clean up.

The young ladies of QTPi are a sisterhood, and are con­tinuously finding ways to help the community. QTPi and U Phi U expands their services by visiting with different nurs­ing homes, helping out the church community, support­ing thyroid cancer, fundrais­ing for the March of Dimes Foundation, and serving as a voice for domestic violence.

“Our focus is to create a home away from home for young girls to explore their talents and attributes,” said Danielle Williams, QTPi’s vice president and a native of Ba­ton Rouge. The organization’s president is Abreanna Alexan­der of Lafayette.

Even though U Phi U is a community service based fra­ternity, they are also a broth­erhood. Their goal is to try and spread unity and aware­ness amongst all-mankind and to service communities. The general purpose of the organization is to enhance the ideals and principles of each member, to nurture a spirit of friendship, achieve and maintain a great level of excellence and the brothers are striving to obtain a com­mon vision of unity.

At Grambling, the presi­dent of U Phi U is Jeremy An­drus, a senior from Opelou­sas, and the vice president is Sivram Jackson a junior from San Bernardino, Calif.

Omega Tau Pi better known, as QTPi is a com­munity service based sorority, and a talented based organiza­tion that serves a purpose for abused women and children. Seven women founded the organization on Feb. 21, 1994 on the campus of Southern University.

Upsilon Phi Upsilon Fra­ternity Inc., nicknamed U Phi U, is a community service fra­ternity organization founded on March 21, 1990, on the campus of Southern Univer­sity by seven gentlemen