Aramark employees upset with students

Grambling State Univer­sity offers a two-hour break on Tuesdays and Thursdays every semester. During this time, the Favrot Student Union Board holds events called “Tiger Tuesday” or “Turn-Up Thursdays,” where students can come to hear music, dance and inter­act with each other.

However, this midday break has raised concerns from the Aramark employ­ees, the company respon­sible for the food in McCall Dining Hall and Tiger Express. Many employees are disgruntled with FSUB and the students and feel as if they are abusing their Tiger Express privileges.

According to Aramark workers, “Grambling stu­dents do not know how to act at any event, and are al­ways leaving things dirty.” This raises the question, “Whose responsibility to clean up afterwards— the students or FSUB?”

“FSUB has never cleaned up after the events in the express, especially last semester,” said an Aramark employee who wanted to remain anonymous, “Students should do their part by keeping this campus looking good at all times. If this continues, I would say cancel all the Express turn ups and privileges and keep all turning up outside.”

Another issue that an Aramark employee expressed is the lack of security during the student off period. The source was concerned if a fight broke out or a school shooting occurred, the presence of police may re­duce the chance of violence from occurring. However, no police reports have been recorded during the time.

One Aramark employee said that instead of having a mini-party, students should use this time to study.

“Grambling students don’t need to be turning up anyway, this is why the en­rollment is down because the students have turned up too much and flunked out of school,” said one Aramark employee. “Gram­bling already is in a nega­tive light, and you don’t see other universities turned up during school hours.”

However, FSUB said this is news to them, and no one has approached them about the issue.

“Aramark employees haven’t brought anything to me whatsoever or to the president or vice president of FSUB,” said Casey Byrd, an FSUB advisor. “No one has complained at all. So if there is a problem, it hasn’t been addressed to me at all.”

Byrd said FSUB doesn’t hand out food or other items to students during the Express events, adding the trash comes from food students consume from res­taurants and the store inside of the Tiger Express.

“When we host events on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Tiger Express, some­one stays behind to clean up,” said Khadija Freeman, FSUB vice president.

FSUB clears all events with Mr. Ferguson, the manager over Tiger Ex­press, and he confirms all events before hand. So far this semester, the student organization has held two events inside and that was due to the weather outside. Usually, the event is on the Yard, located between the Tiger Express and the GSU Barnes and Noble Book­store.

As far as security, Byrd said “The police depart­ment decides how many officers will be needed if any are needed. She said if an incident did occur, the police would be called im­mediately.”