Microsoft manager to speak about branding

The Student Government Association’s Sophomore Class in conjunction with Grambling State University‘s College of Business is hosting a personal branding seminar. The interactive workshop will be held on Jan. 29 at 11 a.m. in Grambling Hall.

The guest speaker will be Dean Jones, a Microsoft Technical Account Manager and GSU College of Business alumnus.

The goal of this seminar will be to help GSU students learn the importance of building a personal brand and how to use social media accounts to achieve goals.

This will be the sophomore class first event this semester and follows along with their goal of increasing the readiness of students as they prepare to embark on the workforce.

“Students should find this seminar beneficial because social media is the heart of our generation,” said Jones. “In today’s world, people are constantly tweeting, posting, or blogging and they must understand how their post can impact their future employment.”

Many young adults fail to realize that posts on social media lasts forever. No matter how many times they may delete it, but it will always remain. With that being said, using social media negatively can be the reason a person doesn’t get the job or internship they have always wanted.

“However, there are many benefits to using social media,” said Jones. “One good thing about using social media correctly is that it can put one at an advantage over other candidates. It can also help you connect with people globally.”

Jones will teach students how to effectively use social media to their advantage and gain access to potential employers and internship opportunities.

“This is something all Grambling students must take advantage of,” said Breonna Ward, the sophomore class vice president. “This can directly prepare them for life after college,” she said.