Which is better, goals or no goals?

How hard is it to set a goal? Would you say it is harder to set the goal or harder to achieve it?

I would say setting the goal is harder than achieving it. The goal has to fit you, and once you find a goal that corresponds with your life, you shouldn’t have any problems achieving it.

My friends and I often have this discussion, and with the New Year here, it’s talked about even more. We all know the saying “New Year, New Me,” which you’ve either used or heard.

I personally love that saying because I love a good challenge, and setting goals to achieve them is always a challenge for me.

I also love the idea of starting over; change is always good, in my opinion. Every New Year that comes also comes with a new me; I always have room to improve.

In my eyes, setting a year’s goal is just as good as having a New Year’s resolution. Looking at it as a goal, you don’t feel the pressure of achieving like you do with a resolution. To me goals come with chances, unlimited ones, so if you mess up – it’s OK!

This year I only set four goals for myself. I want to become more disciplined: time disciplined, school disciplined and work disciplined. I want to better my relationship with God, my father. Granted we’re in great standings but it could be a little better. I want to become a photographer, not just a girl who takes pictures – I want to learn photography. Last but not least, my main goal is to start something that will help others and never end. I want to help someone, change his or her life, like some of the people here have changed mine.

When I set long-term goals I also come up with weekly goals that will help me achieve them. I have a white board and at the end of the week I check off the goals that are completed.

When you mess up a goal or a resolution, you have 365 more days to fix it, and get back on track. Remember, I wasn’t always slim and trim. I set a goal at the beginning of 2013 that I wanted to lose weight, and although it was done in the summer time – it happened!

A resolution or goal shouldn’t be about anyone but yourself so don’t let another person tell you that you can’t change. When you set your goal or resolution also set up a back-up plan because you will back slide, which is OK.

We all make mistakes, but there is no mistake that cannot be fixed. Have a great year!