Twenty Questions: Jan 15

DISCLAIMER: 20 Questions is intended for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Those who can’t take a joke need not read!!!

1.    Is the girl from Frozen outside having multiple orgasms?
2.    Who failed at creating their schedule?
3.    Who thought they were going to graduate in December and are still here?
4.    Why is Paris wilding out like that?
5.    Why wasn’t the NAACP bombing covered on major news outlets?
6.    Why does Southern have 16 different blues?
7.    Why did they show up five hours late?
8.    Did their cheerleaders look high schoolish or nah?
9.    Let me find out the caf trying to make a come up…?
10.  Did the dancing dolls come to Grambling and do no dancing?
11.  Did you try the Krispy Krunchy Chicken?                                                                                                                                                                                12. J13 or J15?
13. Other than Greeks, who really cares?
14. Why do we always have to lose someone over the break? #RIPCarl
15. Why doesn’t #GramFam feel like a real family?
16. Will the new chicken spot sell anything other than chicken?
17. Did any Deltas get sick from being outside all day on founder’s day?
18. How many people have reconnected with their last semester boos?
19. So we breaking in rooms and stealing shoes now, #GramFam?
20. How many bras have you seen laying around campus so far?