Set goals; resolutions never work out

Resolutions and goals are pretty much the same thing. I would much rather say goals because when I set a new resolution I never own up to it.

People usually set New Year’s resolutions, and within a two-month period their commitment to the resolution stops.

Whether you set goals or make resolutions, there is a definite difference because goals can last for as much time as you give them.

I’ve set a goal on slowing down on drinking. I’m not going to say I’m going to stop because I like to drink. The downfall I am having is that I’m putting on unnecessary weight. The usual New Year’s resolution with most people is that they’re going to lose weight. Many fall short of that resolution.

Whether you use the term resolution or goal, it is up to you. But you have to stay true to yourself with them. Make the resolution small and manageable. Eventually the small resolution will turn into what you want it to be and maybe change into a lifestyle. Usually resolutions and goals are positive motives or things you want to accomplish. I have many goals for this year of 2015, such as becoming a better photographer. I want to take my photography to another level that most of my peers aren’t doing.

The easiest way to stay true to your resolution is to stay focused and not give up, hence the word goal because you are al- ways working toward it.