Much ado about funny

If anyone knows Seth Rogen and James Franco then you know that they can make very vulgar and hilarious movies. From their last films together “Pineapple Express”, and “The End”, they have always made comedies on edgy topics. Whether its being involved in drug trafficking or even an apocalyptic setting with demons attacking the earth, Rogen and Franco are definitely in my opinion the “Dynamic Duo of Comedy”

In their latest movie together “The Interview”, Franco plays a very popular Entertainment reporter that isn’t taken too seriously by “real” news reporters. Rogen plays his friend that works behind the scenes and keep the production looking top notch. In the film their raunchy show makes ratings higher and higher each time they interview a celebrity.

The show gets so much recognition that North Korean Dictator Kim Jun Ung, reaches out to Rogen’s character, and informs them that Franco is one of his favorite celebrities. They meet with Rogen and request an interview on live national TV. Of course they accept the offer and plan their trip but are encountered with none other than the CIA. One of the directors asks Franco to kill the Dictator because they are the only one that will get closest to him. Franco accepts the task but throughout the movie they go through a hilarious adventure of friendship, romance, betrayal and action.

The biggest uproar about this film was the portrayal of the North Korean, who was so offended he threatened the U.S. if they released the film. After this there was a huge controversy with Presi- dent Barack Obama himself and Sony. After weeks of re- views Obama finally allowed Sony to release it on Christmas day. Only problem was since they missed release day, it wasn’t distributed through that many theatres. So instead Sony released it online which made them a ground breaking $15 million dollars. This type of distribution is very unusual but obviously effective for this case. Looks like this duo surprised more than just North Korea.