McCall Dining Hall, Tiger Express make much neededed renovations

Aramark Dining Services has been doing some serious work in the New Year, adding a Krispy Krunchy Chicken to the Tiger Express as well as various renovations to the McCall Dining Hall.

“It was time for a change, a new look and some different options,” said Carday Marshall, the assistant food services director for Aramark at Grambling State University. Aramark sponsors various events on the campus of GSU.

Aramark and Krispy Krunchy Chicken completed a deal in December to bring the food attraction to the university.  The Krispy Krunchy Chicken grand opening, which was Wednesday, had a line longer than any other attraction in the Tiger Express, for several hours until the Express closesd.

“I was nervous at first to try the food, but fortunately they were giving out samples of the chicken,” said Francesca Lee, a senior music education major. “Surprisingly, it wasn’t bad at all. I actually liked it.”

Marshall explained that changes made came from student suggestions.

“We did a survey to see what the kids wanted and it was obvious they didn’t want to see the Home Zone go,” said Marshall.

Surveys were also held to see what needed to be done to better the student experience in the McCall Dining Hall. The last serious renovation that occurred in the McCall was in 2005. One can see the changes in the new lights, the walls have been repainted and signs and Grambling paraphernalia have been added, newer seating.

There is an innovative ice system for the drink machine delivering cubes and crushed ice from the ceiling. A new food place, Healthy Lifestyles, was added as well as cameras, which serve for student as well as employee safety.

“We see what needs to be done but it just takes time,” stated Marshall. He further explained that these renovations come in phases, the lights being first on the list for the dining hall then repainting and so on.

“You can see the facelift,” said Marshall. “We’re trying to bring a home feeling to Grambling. There are people from all over the country of different demographics here. We just want to make it feel like home.”

Future renovations will be made this year to Cash Street, the Tiger Express, the Express store in Jacob T. Stewart and the dining hall. As for now, some love what they see. “It gives the dining hall a more positive look,” said Marilyn Kilgore, supervisor of McCall Dining Hall.

“We look forward to helping the students, both new and returning, that dine here because it’s more comfortable for them to eat in a place looking better as it does.”