Rude Awakening hosts ‘I’m So Rude’

Members of the dance group Rude Awakening held an event titled “I’m So Rude” Sunday in the Tiger Express where students received the chance to showcase their numerous dance and vocal skills, rapping abilities as well as mingle on Sunday, Nov. 16.
The purpose of the event was to showcase the talents of Rude Awakening, which is a performing arts group made up of Grambling State University students, in an interactive and fun way.
The event featured spoken poetry, rap and dance battles and a sing off in which the audience were the judges. There was also a magic show, performed by GSU student De’Angelo Minifield, known around campus as “LightBulb”.
Timothy White won the rap battle, Brandon Evans won the dance battle and consequently there weren’t enough participants for the sing off.
“It could have been better,” said Vashon Vick, a junior kinesiology major out of Houston.
“We really wanted to push the idea and we all made the effort at the end to put on the event,” said Ian Burse, a member of Rude Awakening.
As the night went on students filled Tiger Express not only passing by or getting food, but also stopping and glancing at what was going on.
“They could have had a better grand prize,’ expressed Jalen Ward, a junior marketing major from Lafayette.
“I feel like it was unorganized and whack and the music wasn’t loud enough for everyone to hear.”
Although feelings may differ, nevertheless Rude Awakening held a successful event in which students received the opportunity to fellowship with their fellow peers as well as a chance to demonstrate  their talents that other GSU students might not know they possess.
“It took a lot of hard work and patience,” said Burse, a Ruston native.
“We had a great turnout and plan to push harder in future semesters.”