How to wow them presented by Vault Consulting

The College of Business’ Student Center for Professional Development and The Office of Student Affairs sponsored and hosted an interviewing forum. Interviewing: How to wow them presented by Vault Consulting.

Vault Consulting teaches job interview preparation and performance skills targeted to the needs of university students through dynamic half-day training workshops.

To make it easier for working professionals and students to become employees, Vault Consulting’s vision is to provide tools and techniques to create “WOW” moments in job interviews.

“Always remain prepared is of major importance while preparing for an interview. You can not expect to do research the night before and think you will get the job desired,” said Lawrence Coleman the founder and Vault Consulting representative.

Lawrence Coleman, a Louisiana Tech University political science graduate from Beaumount, TX is the founder of the Vault Consulting and was able to give the students of Grambling State University well needed advice on interview preparation.

Coleman gave five key principles to preparing for an interview. Those principles are appearance, introduction, 1st question and opening, potential interview questions and answers, and closing the interview.

“Students everywhere need to know how to be professional and take action, and they’re simply not getting this,” says Coleman.

Vault Consulting guarantees that they will lay a solid foundation nailing down the vital basics of interview prepping.

The interviewing process can be harder than usual and may feel like an interrogation. Coleman’s intense lessons keep the person’s interviewer interested in what you have to say.

“It is my very passion that Vault Consulting reaches the nation. Many people get asked some very hard questions, but if you know how to answer them, then I’ve done my job,” says Coleman.

An example of an interview question for students with poor grades; do you agree that grade point average is an indication of how successful you would be in this company?

Coleman advised the students on how to answer the question as such; I think it’s important to show the capacity to get grades. If a person has a poor track record in every subject it might make me nervous. However, not everyone is going to be committed to excelling in every subject. The important thing from my perspective is that there be some highlights in an individual’s academic career that point to potential.

If you’re interested in further investing and learning more about how to market yourself for corporate America, log on to for more information or emailing Mr. Coleman at