Having ‘smoothe life’ is what it’s all about

“Smoothe life” is how I describe my way of existing in the world: enjoying the positive side of life, never losing my cool. It’s a feeling, an influence, a way of life, and I even added an ‘e’ to the end of smooth, making it my own word in a sense.

When I say it’s a feeling I mean that I literally feel smooth in my everyday life, from the way I walk to the way I talk and so on. I try to keep the most positive outlook on life. 

Thus far in my life I have received many blessings. Being able to wake up every day is a blessing some don’t always receive and I’m thankful for each time I do. 

I am an individual, and that means that no other being on this Earth is like or can compare to me. This is the foundation on which the term “smoothe life” is coined and also one of the standards I live by.

Many times people ask me, “Why do you talk so slow?” or “Why are you so chill?” I really want to reply smartly, but I usually choose the latter and explain that I’m just a chill and relaxed person. I do things in a calm manner and never lose my cool. 

Growing up in Chicago, I have seen and experienced things that others haven’t, and these events have helped mold this sense of mellowness I exude; certain instances or situations that may affect others in a negative way don’t affect me, and I remain unmoved. 

On a daily basis I see people of all kinds, none of whom I can say resemble me in any way, going through different trials. In this day and age, the world is a crazy place and it seems that no one has any chill anymore. 

I don’t prefer to be in the spotlight, but when I am, people remember me for how easygoing I am or how I have my own lingo.  Making a scene or being loud and obnoxious is usually uncalled for. People notice those who mind their business or seem more carefree than those acting out or making a scene.

Some people are more aggressive than others; some are more sensitive; I am, nevertheless, “smoothe”. 

The only time I find myself straying away from my norm is when certain topics arise during the day while conversing with friends and peers, surfing social media like Twitter and Instagram, or watching the news. On certain events and subjects, I’m opinionated and sometimes get overly excited at the chance to express my feelings about them.

The “smoothe life” has gone past just influencing my life but also the music I listen to. I enjoy R&B because of the easy-to-listen-to, smooth beats and melodic tunes from instruments and singers. 

I grew up with family who listened to house music, R&B and gospel music. These sounds grew on me, and there is no other genre that can compare to ‘90s R&B, in my opinion. When one of my favorite songs comes on, you can surely find me doing a dance I call the “T”, which is a dance where you look extremely coordinated and smooth — if you’re doing it right. 

I have run across people who wish they possessed such characteristics. Instead of being wild and crazy, some wish they had the ability to be chill in situations and overlook certain things and not let them affect them. Everything I do in the duration of a day revolves around staying positive, enjoying life to the fullest, and reaming cool and calm.

This way of life is unique to me because out of it has grown an entire culture, if you may. I know I have an effect on others because of how some embrace and try to emulate everything from the words I use to the way I carry myself.

If one can enjoy life and display easy going, relaxed qualities, then they are living the “smoothe life”. Different people I’ve come into contact with might see me as different things, but I’m sure each can agree that I am the most laid-back person they know. So if you ever see me tweeting or posting a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #smoothelife, then you’ll know exactly what I mean.