Cheerleader of hope

Grambling State University alumnus Stanquin Hill died on Monday from cancer complications. He was a member of the United African American Men and the GSU cheerleading team. He graduauted in 2011

Grief and sadness filled the hearts of many students, faculty and staff at Grambling State University when they heard the passing of alumnus Stanquin Hill, who died from cancer complications on Monday around noon.
Those who knew Hill remember him for his eager and outgoing personality that was infectious to anyone that he came into contact with.
“Well, when you say joy and excitement that is what Stan was,” said Terry Lilly, head GSU cheerleading coach. “There was never a day he came to practice with a frown on his face and if you were sad, by the time you left practice with Stan you had a smile on your face.”
Hill graduated from GSU in 2011 with a degree in social work. He was a member of the GSU cheerleading team and the United African American Men Fraternity.
“Stan was a guy that made sure everybody was happy,” said Robert Winn Jr., the president of UAAM. “Personally he always showed me that no matter what you are going through on that day to always smile because if you smile someone else would smile too.”
Hill contributed numerously through his hard work and dedication with both cheerleading and his fraternity. Lilly explained how hard Hill would work in order to become a member of the cheerleading team in spite of being a larger guy. Hill helped his fellow teammates and anybody that he met always reminding them that “everybody is somebody only if they wanted to be a somebody”. Lilly also stated that Hill had the awesome power to excite audiences all by himself and get the crowds excited at the football games.
“He worked,” Winn said. “He did whatever what was needed. If somebody needed to talk, he was there to talk. There was nothing that you could not ask Stan that he could not help you with.”
To celebrate Hill’s life, members of UAAM, the society Distinguished Black Women, cheerleaders and friends came out to the DBW plot in front of the T.H. Harris Auditorium on Monday night.
They held a candlelight vigil and Hill’s line brothers from UAAM spoke about what they will miss about Hill.
The groups also sang “I know I’ve been Changed” with a solo from one of Hill’s close friends.
Students close to Hill at GSU, miss the outgoing and goofy character that Hill was.
He took it upon himself to make sure that everyone had a smile on his or her face and was having a better day even if her or she was not having a fantastic day to begin with.
Winn will miss his personality and his goofiness the most. According to Winn, Hill’s personality cannot be matched and that he was an outgoing individual who could always brighten up anyone’s day.
“I remember all the good things and all the excitement of things that he added to the team,” Lilly said. “So instead of spending my time regretting that he left, if you remember all that you were taught in church, you’re suppose to rejoice and you’re suppose to remember and exemplify all those things that he lived for so that is what I do.”