Lamar has his I’s on the prize

The good kid from the mean streets of Compton is gradually making his return.
After releasing Good Kid M.A.A.D. City, his 2012 project that went on to reach platinum status, Kendrick Lamar took a lengthy breather away from the industry.
During this time, he went on his GKMC tour performing top billboard hits such as “Poetic Justice,” “Swimming Pools” and “B*tch, Don’t Kill My Vibe.”
It started off as college performances; appearances on campuses such as Fairfield University, Duke University, North Carolina A&T, and more. He then leveled up the tour by taking on larger arenas and festivals in America, the UK, France, Japan, and a few other places.
Once the tour ended in August, Kendrick went on to deliver his industry shaking “Control” verse; then Kanye announced that Mr. Lamar would also be accompanying him as a performer for his Yeezus tour.
Due to so much touring, there has been a significant decrease in the amount of music Kendrick has been able to put out. The only thing it seems he has been having time to do is verses, in which he usually appears on the record of an alternate genre.
Until Sept. 23, which is the day he proved his return with the release of his already hit single, “I”; a record produced by Rahki sampling the Isley Brothers’ “That Lady”.
Kendrick told Breakfast Club hosts Charlemagne, DJ Envy and Angela Yee that “this song was meant for the friends I have locked behind bars and fans who show up to my shows with scars on their wrists. The OGs told me to make this song.”
This song shows a different side of Kendrick Lamar and has such an inspiring message behind it, the NBA has made his song the official anthem of the 2014-2015 season. This marks the beginning of Lamar’s epic return.
The short promo clip shows the rapper dressed in all black with a white cap covering his head of new miniature locs; he puts on a small energetic performance, rhyming in front of tall glass structures, while flashing action clips of the league’s most influential players, including Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant and more.
In an interview with Rolling Stone, Lamar revealed that he’s unsure about the release of his album being in 2014. “I haven’t asked any other rappers for features,” he also said. “I have so much to say, and it’s somewhat selfish of me.”
A few days ago, Kendrick kept the fire blazing by releasing possibly the second single, titled “King Kunta.”  
Before leaving his interview with The Breakfast Club, the nationally syndicated morning show, Kendrick Lamar made a solidifying statement, saying, “I’m on a hunt right now. I got a plan and people will see it, whether it’s this album or the next album.
“But before I’m done with this, y’all gone say that boy, he did something else that we didn’t think no man could do.”