Jones retains seat as mayor

Edward Jones

The opportunity that a voter’s voice can be heard and politicians can only anticipate all of their hard work- canvassing from door to door speaking to residents, campaigning with signs and brochures and shaking hands, has paid off.
Polls opened early Tuesday morning at 6 a.m. and did not close until 8 p.m. The Student Government Association, as well as volunteers of those who were running for positions, provided transportation for students.
Now that the polls have closed and votes have been carefully tallied, winners of the 2014 Lincoln Parish elections included some of Grambling’s very own. The positions that potential candidates sought for were of being Grambling mayor, Grambling council, Lincoln Parish School Board districts 1-3 and District Attorney.
Although with some of the positions the votes came very close, those who vied for the position of elected officials won by a landslide. Running for re-election as the mayor of Grambling, Edward R. Jones, won by nearly 200 votes over his opponent, Martha Andrus.
“I pledge to continue to move Grambling forward by expanding economic development and providing jobs and internships for our students,” Jones said, as he thanked students and community for selecting him.
Grambling Council winners are Roy Jackson, Yanise Days, Denise Dupree, Cullen Jackson, and Cathy Holmes.
Although he did not win a Council seat, GSU student Stavinoha Bradley was able to set an example for the younger generation.
“I do feel as if I set the example of how you can be strengthened, both educationally and professionally, at a young age and have a deep interest to be involved in politics,” said the 22-year-old Houston native.
Grambling native, alumna and program instructor of the Title III programs, Susan B. Wiley won the Lincoln Parish School Board District 1 race with 521 votes.
“I would like to use my 17 years of knowledge, experience and expertise to assist in setting policies at the school board level to ensure that all of our children succeed,” said Wiley.
School Board District 2 winner David Ferguson received 333 votes, and Curtis Dowling, winner of District 3, was victorious with 1,123.
John Belton won the district attorney race, beating his opponent by fewer than 1,000 votes.
Other candidates who won were James P. Liner, Ruston city marshal; Ronny Walker, Ruston mayor; Bob Jensen, Dubach mayor; and Sybil Smalling-Foster, Simsboro mayor.