Iota Phi Theta and Natural Sistahs challenge GSU

Starting off their “Know Yourself November” month, members of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc. and the Natural Sistahs of Grambling State University held an interactive panel discussion all about finding one’s self-worth on Oct. 30.
Held in Room 243 of the Favrot Student Union, the purpose for the event was for students to come out and participate in a discussion focused on helping them find their inner love and self-worth.
The discussion began with the introduction of the objective, which gave the audience a taste of what they would be in for. Aisha Caraway, a member of the Natural Sistahs, explained the importance of having self-confidence as well as learning to value one’s self.
A performance by student rapper Travis M. featured lyrics geared toward the theme of the event. It was then that the did audience members really began to interact.
“I thought the crowd reacted positively to the performance,” said Jarrell Miller, a 23-year-old graduate student from Brooklyn, N.Y.
“I personally thought he did an awesome job.”
Next to take the floor was Rica Charleston, a member of the Delta Iota chapter of Delta Sigma Theta here at GSU. Charleston gave an inspirational message focused on the serious need for empowerment in the student body.
“You have to learn how to empower yourself,” said Charleston. “
As a HBCU we should all empower each other!”
Charleston also went on to say that one has to respect themselves before they expect someone else to respect them. “Nobody can tell you your own flaws,” and “Let the light inside of you shine the brightest,” were resonating statements that really stuck with the audience.
After Charleston, next to speak was Dwain Herbert, a member of the Favrot Student Union Board. He expressed with the students that everyone, no matter their position or title, needs help.
He reminded every audience member that they were beautiful, and told him or her to know their flaws as well as to know their strengths.
“When experiences hit you, you have to pick yourself up and keep striving,” said Herbert.After Herbert’s words the floor was opened up to the audience members who shared their own experiences. This was the most heartwarming time of the event where members of the audience dug down deep and truly expressed themselves. Some audience members expressed how thankful and grateful they were for close friends, some of whom were in attendance, while others simply stated what they enjoyed about themselves.
“Know Yourself November” was an event where much information was given and taken away.
“I feel like it was a very informative, successful event,” said social work major Arys Chavis, from Denver.
Members of the GSU Wellness and Resource Center were also present giving information about the university’s counseling services and therapy sessions.
Different students took away different meanings from the event.
“I learned how to become more comfortable in my own skin and to love myself, flaws and all,” said Ja’Keria Dennis, a 21-year-old criminal justice major from Griffin, Ga.
During this month, members of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc. will be holding different events themed around “Know Yourself November”.