From intramural to Division I baseball

Marlon Pruitt from West Bloomfield, Mich., is a transfer from Eastern Michigan University. This time last year Pruitt would be in his dorm room playing video games or in the campus recreation center playing basketball.
Back at EMU Pruitt was a member of an intramural baseball team where he pitched and played first base. He dominated the league, giving up only one run in seven games pitched.
When Pruitt finished his club season, he moved on to summer league, where he continued to impress for the Michigan Jets.  
The coaches at Grambling were looking for a left-handed pitcher, and Pruitt’s coach was put in contact with Coach Davin Pierre at GSU. The idea of Pruitt pitching on the Division I level was in sight and he was ready for the opportunity as he committed after first contact with the coaching staff at GSU.
“I left Eastern Michigan to get an education at an HBCU and play Division I baseball because I felt I have the tools to do so,” said Pruitt
He was leaving the North for the first time in his life for Grambling State University as he enrolled for this semester.
“My transition from club ball to D-I is that club ball was more like high school. The competition level wasn’t as good as it is at Grambling. The pace of the game is much faster, hitters are better, and just the whole all-around game is just on a different level.
“Being here at Grambling, in the South is a great opportunity because playing in the North you don’t get to start as early as you do in the South,” Pruitt said. “North ball doesn’t start until late March, where down South ball starts early February.
“Also being with a D-I program, you get offseason workouts where I get to gain weight and train my body, Whereas in club ball you have to do everything yourself.
“I am happy for the opportunity to pitch for GSU and represent the G,” he said.
Pruitt will pitch for the Gold Team at 4 p.m. today at Wilbert Ellis Field.