Still having fun with Halloween

Although my trick-or-treating days have long since been over, I still find ways to enjoy the ghoulish holiday that many have come to love and enjoy.
People might try to say “You’re too old for Halloween” or “Halloween is for the kids,” to which I respond, “How do you figure?”
Since my younger days, I’ve always had a love for candy and Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays because of this. Instead of going door-to-door asking for candy, I now supply my own candy for myself and fellow friends.
Candy is enjoyable for people of all ages, not just children.
I may not dress up in costumes, clad from head to toe with a mask and suit, but I do dress appropriately for the day. I might sport a mask later in the day when the sun goes down just to scare a few people. But hey, who wouldn’t? Practical joking and scaring others on this scary holiday is also not just subject to the kids.
In middle school and high school, the duration of the day included numerous scaring and practical joking with friends and peers. I still play jokes and pranks on my friends every day, so not much has changed there.  
One day out of the year people can dress as animals, clowns, their favorite super heroes or movie characters, etc., all in the name of fun and games.
I for one have always enjoyed the Halloween festivities: trick-or-treating, dressing in costumes, bag snatching, ding-dong-ditch and so on.
I may not trick or treat anymore but I still enjoy the parties, candy, unique costumes and chill in the air, both figuratively and literally, when Halloween rolls around at the end of every October.