Local church changes to ‘Fall Carnival’

Halloween, for most people, is a holiday that generally glorifies the dark things of this world and gives off a spooky vibe. For the most part even though Halloween consist of candy and dressing up in your favorite costumes, not everyone celebrates the holiday.
Some Christians do not take part in Halloween, because it conflicts with their religious belief. Instead of a Halloween party, some Christians have created other ideas to replace this holiday.
The New Living Word Ministries, located in Ruston, pastored by Jerry L. Baldwin, had the idea of having a fall carnival.
The church held the carnival on Wednesday in the New Living Word Ministries Family Life Center from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Lawanda Wright, an English teacher at New Living Word, created this event three years ago.
“Carnival Night provides the children a safe place where they are monitored and can enjoy themselves without having to be on the streets,” said Wright.
This event consisted of 25 members and outside organizations including students of Grambling State University mass communication department . The students in Will Sutton public relations management collaborated with Wright to help lean a helping hand for this event.  
Fifty children showed up to this event to participate in the fun and exciting activities. There were at least 10 stations of games for the children to engage in. Face painting, musical walking and the drink toss were some of activities. Children enjoyed funnel cakes, pizza, and even a popcorn machine.
“I am tremendously thrilled that fall carnival is taking place and that the youth deserves an outlet to have fun without conforming to the world” said Ginger Abney, a senior education major and member of New Living Word Ministries since 2010.
Fall carnival was a success for the children  and the New  Word Ministries.
‘’It was fun and exciting,”  said 2nd grader Asia Gahagan of New Living Word School. “I wanted and eat candy at the same time and not be afraid of seeing people in scary costumes.”
Fall carnival gave the children the opportunity to be a part of an event  that had a positive cause. If you are in the area around come this time next year, stop by an engage in the fun and exciting activities that fall carnival has to offer.