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It’s all in the NUMBERS

Grambling State University welcomes several new adminstration with top salaries at the university.

Eighteen people at Grambling State University make more than $100,000 as the university faces a $3 million deficit and is requesting faculty and staff to retire.
The highest paid person at the university is the Interim President Cynthia Warrick at $200,000.  
Behind Warrick is head football coach Broderick Fobbs with an annual salary of $195,000, the Vice President for Finance Leon Sanders at $158,400 and the Interim Special Assistant to the President Eric Eaton at $150,000.
Janet Guyden, interim provost and vice president for academic and student affairs and John Rosenthal, the interim vice president for research, advancement and economic development each make $145,000.
The others finishing off the list of high earners making more than $100,0000 include three people in athletics; eight faculty members or deans of departments and two members of the administration.
Warrick has made several administrative changes since her arrival on July 1. More than 30 people have either been reassigned, handed more responsibility or fired from the university.
“We are combining functions, not bringing in a new person to take over these responsibilities,” said Warrick. “We are giving them a little more money but asking them to do a lot more work.”
The highest paid dean is Larnell Flannagan, who collects $130,000 for a new combined position as the dean of Educational, Professional and Graduate Studies — which was the College of Education, the College of Professional Studies and the School of Graduate Studies and Research.
According to the 2011-2012 budget, the three former deans’ salaries combined totaled $209,422, compared to Flannagan’s current salary.
Flannagan is now responsible for departments that include criminal justice, mass communication, school of nursing, social work, education, kinesiology, graduate program and several other degree programs.
With his new duties, Flannagan received a $5,000 raise for his promotion. He was the Dean of Education with an annual salary of $125,000 last year.  
Warrick said her changes have helped reduce the university budget. However, according to the research gathered for the 2011-2012 university budget and Freedom of Information Act requests filed by The Gramblinite, Warrick’s administration has saved the university $190,210 compared to the top leaders in the previous GSU president Frank G. Pogue’s administration.
“All of my folks make less than the people in those positions in the previous administration,” said Warrick. The interim president has created many new positions, like Eaton’s, who is the special assistant to the president.
“This is the first time I had this kind of position,” said Warrick.
She said the position was created due to recommendations and research on the university done by the University of Louisiana System before she accepted the job at GSU.
Before Warrick, the university did not have a discipline focused on economic development.She added Rosenthal’s job as the vice president for advancement and economic development.
“In order to get out of the hole we are in, we are going to establish public and private partnerships,” said Warrick, and that will be Rosenthal’s responsibility.
Other additional titles include Jason Medlock’s job, associate vice president for advancement and economic development, who makes $85,000 and Otto Myers as the interim executive dean of the College of Business, who makes $130,000.
Myers’ salary matches that of the dean of the College of Business Tsegai Emmanuel.
GSU also has a third college, the College of Arts and Sciences. King Godwin is currently the interim dean and his salary is $102,400.
“Naturally we are concerned about people coming to the university and receiving high salaries, especially when we have not received faculty raises in seven or eight years, or money for development and enhancement,” said Herbert Simmons Jr., the Faculty Senate president.
Last fall the average salary for any level full-time professor was $55,200 according to the university website.
“When you look at the structure of the university, there is a dramatic difference in salaries for faculty and staff and the top leadership,” said Simmons. “Whatever problems we as a university are faced with are not because of faculty salaries.”
Warrick has stated repeatedly that more changes will occur.
“We are digging out of a hole,” said Warrick, referring to the state of the university. “It’s not going to be easy and it is certainly not fun.”
Look below for a breakdown comparison of Dr. Frank Pogue's adminstration salaries to Dr. Cynthia Warrick's adminstration salaries.