It’s about that time again

 The beginning of the NBA season always brings up month long and even season long questions…”Will Kobe be the same?” “Will Russ pass the ball?” “Will LeBron finally win one at home?”  
Around campus you can tell the basketball fans were ready for the season to start.
“Football season is great, but there is nothing like basketball,” said Justin Dottery, a 19-year-old sophomore from Los Angeles.  “The availability of dunks, game winning shots and tempers flaring between bitter rivals is electrifying.”
The opening of the NBA regular season officially started Tuesday night, including six teams and within those six teams you have the defending champions, the San Antonio Spurs, who narrowly escaped with a victory over the Dallas Mavericks, with the score of 101-100.
Two more teams played on opening night. The historic franchise of the Los Angeles Lakers who faced off against the young, up and coming franchise of the Houston Rockets.
The Rockets demolished the Lakers 108-90 behind not only a team high but a league-high of 32 points from their star shooting guard, James Harden.
The last two teams to play in the season opener were the New Orleans Pelicans and the Orlando Magic. The Pelicans were lead by their young star Anthony Davis almost recorded a triple-double with 26 points, 17 rebounds and an unprecedented nine blocks in Tuesday’s game. The Pelicans went on to win 101-84.
“Anthony Davis had a beast game”said Corey Stanley, a 24-year-old senior from Kansas City, Kansas. “I’ve been watching him since he came into the league in 2012 and he is slowly emerging as a superstar in the NBA.” With the regular season finally underway there is a lot more in store for basketball fans around the world.
The high flying acrobatics, the trades made in the off-season and the expectations by die hard fans of NBA players will definitely make for an exciting, one of a kind NBA season.
“Who is going to win the title?” “Who is going to be MVP?” “Will it be your team?” “Will it be your player?”