Anderson is an all-around athlete

Tyler Anderson is a volleyball standout, basketball phenom, track star, an all around outstanding athlete at Grambling State University. She is a senior from East St. Louis, Il. who majors in psychology. Aside from her tremendous athletic abilities there is much more to know about Tyler Anderson.
Since her freshman year she has been dealing with the deaths of three significant family members in her life. When Anderson was just a freshman three of her cousins were shot and killed, all in the same year.
“My cousins were my biggest supporters, they taught me so much, they were like my brothers,” said Anderson, who was notified of the deaths throughout her freshman basketball season.
“I didn’t know what to do, I just wanted to drop out of school and quit everything,” Anderson explained.
Over time, she has learned to use these tragedies as motivation. She expressed how quitting would be the last thing her cousins would want to see from her because they always pushed her so hard to be great.
 For that reason, she uses them as her driving force inside and out of the arena of sports. Anderson went on to average 11 points per game, seven rebounds, and 4 steals, as vital player for the Lady Tigers basketball team for the past few years.
She also excelled in track and field where she earned silver medals for the pole vault in back-to-back SWAC championships. Anderson is currently finishing her senior year as a member of the Lady Tigers volleyball team.
On a more colorful note, Anderson is also a talented artist. She makes and designs many of her clothes, paints, and can make African masks. She does much of these activities in her spare time and says they allow her to relax and relieve stress.
Through everything she does, Anderson remains smiling through it all and her sense of humor is quite amazing as well. The senior plans to graduate in December. After graduation she wants to pursue a career as a marriage counselor.
“I love to help people man, it’s something that I was put here to do,” said Anderson with a large smile. Overall, Tyler Anderson is a unique individual and it’s safe to say that she is truly a jack of all trades.