Laugh House

“This isn’t the Grambling I’m used to, especially from my favorite HBCU,” said comedian and host Steve Brown at the beginning of the comedy show held on Thursday during the week of homecoming in the T.H. Harris Auditorium.

Gaps of seats were unfilled as opposed to being sat in at previous Homecoming shows. “Honestly, I don’t know why attendance was low because everything was publicized so students knew about the different events around campus, especially the night events,” said Khadijah Free- man, vice president of the Favrot Student Union Board (FSUB).

Brown, an Alabama native, refused to let the lack of participation stop him from doing his job, as he went on to make everyone laugh, even making a joke to a photographer. “Hey man, if you’re going to take pictures, go ahead but don’t take any behind you, because there’s no one there,” said Brown.

First comedian of the night was Lawrence Killebrew. The Philadelphia na- tive has opened up for both Kevin Hart and Katt Williams. Killebrew jokingly re- called on one occasion when he had to end a relationship with a woman, because of her snoring. “It should be a common courtesy to have a consistent snore.,” he said, as he demonstrated her abnormal snore. “Just my opinion.”

Following Killebrew was Shawn Larkins. Larkins, who credits Atlanta for his former stomping grounds, bought in many laughs from the audi- ence, including one in particular about one wish he had. “I wish I could be the host of the Maury Povich Show, just one time, so that I could lock the door to keep the embarrassed mothers who have claimed “Pookie” is not the father of little Ray-Ray. One of his most memorable moments was comparing his younger years to college students now. When he was younger, with a group of friends, only one had a car so everyone had to pile in just to go out to the club. He also joked every college student is a Ramen noodle chef. "If you cut up hot dogs and put them in your noodles, you had a little money on you," said Killebrew.

Closing the show was Tony Roberts, who has been very active in the industry featured on TV shows Def Comedy Jam and Comic View. Roberts jokingly brought up how frugal he is with his money, and frequently shops at both Target and Walmart. “My entire outfit cost $50, no lie,” he said.

The comic, who with pride let everyone know he was a ‘80s baby, noted that there is a change of priorities in the younger generation.

“While they were all funny, I would have to say that Shawn Larkins was definitely the funniest to me,” said By- ron Granderson, a business management major from Rochester, N. Y.