What if I asked about your pride?

Pride by definition is the “satisfaction in something done, owned, etc.” So it is natural that one could easily ask any Gramblinite, what is Grambling Pride?
What is it that brings you joy when you think about your alma mater? Is it the grades, the sports, the colors, or even the parties? Grambling Pride, like any other pride, should begin with yourself.
If you can take pride in who you are and what you stand for, then the decisions you make on this campus will echo through each of your actions, and “Grambling Pride” will reveal its definition to you.
Because I view pride as a personal, almost spiritual journey, I cannot speak for all Tigers with my words; however, I can say what Grambling Pride is to me. For me, Grambling Pride
is the twinge in my heart and the groan that escapes my throat every time some- one asks me “how’s school going.” It’s true that school can really stink at times with my average of four hours of sleep each night, homework, walking to and fro, and next to no time for anime or video games; despite all of this I can honestly say that
I’m proud of the journey. Come December, two
days before my birthday, I should be walking across that stage and claiming my degree. That degree is the first university earned degree my family will receive, and Grambling State will be the one to give it to me.
The journey, the struggle, the friendships, and the instructors, these relationships that I can look back on with fondness are my pride. Grambling Pride to me is being able to tell my family and friends about all of the amazing people and wonderful things I’ve learned on this campus. Sure there are things I absolutely abhor (lots of ‘em), but the overall experience that is being a Gramblinite is beautiful. I can honestly say it’s one of the most important things
that has ever happened to this military brat.
So, no, pride is not twerkin’ on the Yard, yelling loudly at a football game or even pledging. These things are what make a community, and a person can be a member of a community without being proud of it years from now. (Ask some of the survivors of those crazy 70s cults). Pride is the fondness you feel when you reminisce about the times you’ve had on this campus.
For me, it’s the journey to become a distinguished and functioning member of society versus another negative statistic to tack onto the board of the Black “achievements.”