Showing love toward the ‘G-Squad’!

Is it just me or is Grambling’s campus more alive and energetic? I am the third generation in my family who attended Grambling, and I always remember hearing how lively our campus used to be.
This year I am finally seeing what I’ve been hear- ing about how Grambling spirit use to be. Not only we’re having a better season this year we are number one in the SWAC.
Last year there was a lot of down talk about our team; no one had anything nice to say about our G- men. The media blasted us everywhere on how our football team boycotted anddid not show up at Jackson State’s Homecoming. Other schools laughed and taunted us about our school. Now that we’re 4-0, no one has much to say, but Grambling is on top again.The games are more packed than ever and students are excited to see our G-Men play. This year it seems we travel and showed more support for our team. On Saturday we played Al- corn and it rained. It amazes me that students stayed even though it rained.
I was also surprised at myself. I had no umbrella, just a towel on my head, and you know girls don’t like their weave wet. If this had occurred last year many students — including my- self — would have probably walked out and wouldn’t have returned because of the losing streak and the rain.
participation and have more spirit compare to last year. We were cheering louder than the cheerleaders.
Now that we are having a better season, I hear students speaking about the games more. I see my peers putting up scores and telling students to come to come out and to support on social media.
This year it actually feels like Homecoming. The events this year have more student participation and it feels good to be back on top.