Lift every voice, GSU

The choir group Strong Tower is mighty and stronger than ever.
They are one of the top choir organizations here on the campus of Grambling State University. Strong Tow- er is a religious choir group that doesn’t mind spreading the word of God through their inspirational singing and is a refuge for students to keep their faith while at- tending college.
Fredrick Pickney, also known as Dr. P, said, “There’s so many things that students are exposed to here on cam- pus.”
Pickney went on to describe the group as some- thing that students can come in and be loved on; grow spiritually and also be correctly guided while they’re in
college. The overall purpose of Strong Tower is for students today to grow spiritually, emotionally and become more responsible.
Pickney is not only a choir director for this choir organization but he is also a mentor, a father and role model figure to the students at times. Strong Tower as an organization believes in being together in a strong bond that no one can break. They’re a family that sings for each other at times when someone is absent or can’t reach their highest vocals.
Pickney firmly teaches discipline through his religious singing. He inspires his students to keep the faith and finish strong. By vigorously preparing his students for choir events he ensures his students are vocally prepared.
He trains his choir members by going through vocal sessions during practice, and working on choir releases and quadrant drills to help expand their respiratory body parts allowing them to perform at their best.
The main focus through- out the training exercises is perfection.
“Perfection comes throughout the course of the semester,” Pickney said. The difference from this gospel choir group than normal church choirs is the singing style of acapella.
Strong Tower is well- known throughout the country and even the world. They have traveled to Florida, New York, Memphis, Atlanta, Houston and Mississippi and are currently preparing for their biggest road trip to Japan in the spring. The choir members are very excited and ready for this exciting