G-Men face UAPB for Homecoming

In 2011, the Grambling State University Tigers foot- ball team was 8-4 overall with a 6-3 Southwestern Athletic Conference record. It was the last time the G-Men had a winning record — until now, of course.
The G-Men head into their fifth conference game against University of Arkansas–Pine Bluff with a winning overall record of 4-3 and an out-standing — and surprising — SWAC record of 4-0. With this record the G-Men are recognized as the No. 1 team in SWAC after beating Alcorn Saturday.
Broderick Fobbs, the head coach of the GSU football team, had many good things to say about UAPB. He believes that UAPB is a much better team than what skeptics make them out to be, and they have “quality football players.”
Many critics have written that GSU’S game against UAPB may be a trap game, where the G-Men might lose focus because of recent suc- cess, and Fobbs acknowledges this.
He also believes if the G- Men are not prepared correctly and if they do not have the correct state of mind that this undoubtedly could be a trap game. But, he also says that the G-Men have had so much stacked up against them in the past, and this season is just another hurdle to jump, and just another step to take.
In preparation for UAPB, Fobbs said the G-Men have not yet reached their peak. What the coach hopes to see out of his team this weekend is a better-balanced football game, one not depending so much on the run or pass but more of a 50/50 approach.
When asked about what he thinks of his defense, Fobbs said, “It’s not about scheme, it’s not about players, it’s about how they play.”
GSU defensive backs coach Nathaniel Brown had much to say about UAPB’s offense, but mainly their quarterback, Ben Anderson. “Ben Anderson is the man for UAPB,” Brown said. Brown recognizes that Anderson’s legs are just as effective as his arm.
“Ben Anderson is a true dual threat guy.”
The G-men are definitely preparing for Anderson; they plan on having seven guys in the box to account for Anderson’s legs.
“This is a new team, and a new game plan, they will try to expose our weaknesses,” Brown said. “It is not a weakness unless it’s exposed.”
Associate head coach/receivers coach Mickey Joseph, talked about the UAPB teams of the past. “From history of knowing Pine Bluff and how they play, they are a two high team with six defenders in the box. They want to force you to throw the ball.”
Joseph is excited about playing Pine Bluff this week- end because he believes their “six men in the box” defense can be exposed by formations and there are many different formations to run the option game. He believes that is the best aspect of Grambling’s offense.
Coach Joseph wishes his offense would go faster than they have been, stating, “The more snaps, the better.” He wants his team to have around 90 offensive plays a game and to run a play 13 seconds into the play clock.
Last week against Alcorn the G-Men had 50 snaps at halftime but had to slow the game down to control the clock. This presented an offensive and defensive lull in the second half.
This week he wants the G- Men to play faster. The concept of his offense is to read the play on the run, and he anticipates that this weekend against Pine Bluff the G-Men will do just that.