The Media & Ebola

Have you all heard about the zombie apocalypse that is soon to come to past? Those who have died from Ebola have been alleged to resurrect and come back to life. This is one of the few stories that has circled around disease since the beginning of it existence on social media.
With the information that has been given about Ebola, it is almost impossible to not believe everything that people are saying about the disease. Bad medical science is always drifting around social media: from a Facebook friend talking about how to lose weight using body wraps, to deadly nutritional advice on Tumblr, to anti-vaxxers sowing doubt on Twitter. False cures and panic-inducing conspiracy theories have historically followed sudden outbreaks of diseases like HIV.
The sad part about the disease is if one doesn’t do their own research, they will be completely misguided about the disease, its causes and how it affects humans. In a generation of technology and easy access to information, it is hard to not follow the progression and evolution of the disease. Being the disease is being covered on every news channel in the U.S., it does show that there has been an increase in the level of awareness. It also brings a level of misguided information that should not be given not. It’s rare for someone to come in contact with the Ebola virus if they aren’t in direct contact.
The few victims of Ebola that are in the United States came in contact with the virus while they were in West Africa, and they are currently being quarantined to prevent the spread of infection.
With the information the media has been reporting, do you believe it is easy to make a proper decision about Ebola with using the opinions of others or is what is being said of he disease really true?