Showing our roots:


Showcasing numerous styles of hair, the Natural Sistahs of Grambling State University put on their first hair show, Monday in the Men’s Gym.

"The hair show was meant to showcase the talents of people who do hair on campus," says Ericka Berry, a senior history major out of Lafayette.

The show actually began as idea. Both Ericka and Jericka Berry, two sisters who are a part of the Natural Sistahs organization at GSU, had the thought to put on this show, which required much preparation.  

They started by creating a committee, then making an Instagram and Twitter as well as posting numerous flyers around campus, which they would use to promote the show. 

"People were asked to be in the show and people even asked to be in the show," said Berry.  The cuts, styles and designs seen in the show by different barbers and stylists were all done for free.  Weeks before the show, meetings were held, ideas were brainstormed models practiced walking and so that they would be prepared to walk.

The categories of the show were dreads, weave, natural, flower crowns and protective in which numerous hairstyles were on display. The models walked the red runway clad in their Natural Sistahs hair show shirts as the audience looked on. " I think it was a good turnout," said Berry. 

"I never believed the organization would go this far," said Kimberly Monroe, who founded Natural Sistahs. 

"I’m very pleased with the efforts of the Natural Sistahs thus far and anxious to see what else we can accomplish at Grambling State. This is just the beginning." 

Monroe is a mass communication graduate student from Lake Charles.

Although it was the Natural Sistahs first hair show, it won’t be the last. "There will be other shows in the future that will be much better," said Berry. 

The Natural Sistahs is a club for ladies on campus that have natural hair or are in the process of making their hair natural, founded in 2012. In case you didn’t know, natural is an acronym for "natural afro-centric truth unveiled to reclaim aesthetic lineage."